Divine feline delivers meow factor

The Divine Feline is the purr-fect book for a cat lover

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This beautiful book is purr-fect for the cat lover in your life


FOR his 88th birthday, Winston Churchill was given a marmalade cat named Jock and refused to eat dinner if his feline companion wasn't present.

Jock is a special mention in Belinda Alexandra's new book The Divine Feline, as is Nikola Tesla's black cat Macak, and Emily Bronte's Tiger, who slept by her feet as she wrote.

The author certainly makes no apologies for celebrating the special bond between people and their cats.

The beautiful book, purr-fect for the cat lover in your life, strives to aid cat-owners in providing behavioural and philosophical advice through Alexandra's own experiences, whilst exploring the historical connection between cats and women.

There are chapters dedicated to debunking cat communication, natural therapies, settling the debate of indoor or outdoor cats and even pages on cat magic.

"Cats are loyal to those who love them but couldn't give a toss what people think of them," Alexandra writes.

"They don't suffer self-esteem issues, or worry if they're overweight. In addition, they exclude an air of mystery in that slinky walk. Oh to be a cat!"

The Divine Feline, Murdoch Books, RRP $35.00. Available now from all good bookstores.