Breathing skills 'a treasure'

New book a masterclass in harnessing the power of breathing

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Dr Greg Smith shows you how to harness the power of breathing in his new book Purposeful Breathing.


BREATHE. How often has someone said that word to you when you've been been anxious or perhaps short of breath.

Breathing: Dr Greg Smith calls it our "most under-rated superpower". And, he says, if we harness that power we can rapidly reduce states we don't want, such as stress and anxiety, while increasing states we do want, such as feeling stronger, performing better or relaxing.

Did you know we move through different styles of breathing every day without even realising it?

The secret is recognising those styles and in doing so move towards consciously changing them.

In his new book Purposeful Breathing, Dr Smith says that for anyone suffering from anxiety, feeling calmer can happen in a breath or two. You just need to know how.

A psychologist for more than 35 years, Adelaide-based Smith uses practical examples and case studies to show you how to access the power of breathing with control and purpose informed by the latest discveries from psychology and neuroscience.

He describes the book as a manual for simple breathing skills, which can be used to change states of mind, help you concentrate better, enhance performance and more.

As the author says, "Breathing skills are a treasure".

Purposeful Breathing, by Dr Greg Smith (Exisle Publishing), RRP $34.99.