All aboard for regional delights

All aboard for Vintage Rail Journeys 2021 season

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LAP OF LUXURY: Vintage Rail Journeys nis a great way to explore some of Regional NSW hidden gems.

LAP OF LUXURY: Vintage Rail Journeys nis a great way to explore some of Regional NSW hidden gems.


Vintage Rail Journeys will visit some of the best attractions in regional NSW in 2021.


IF you love vintage trains, beautiful landscapes and great food and wine, Vintage Rail Journeys is just the ticket for you in 2021.

Passengers will get to explore the best of regional NSW during next year's autumn season - enjoying five days and four nights on board a 1960s Southern Aurora train with sleeping carriages.

The Riverina tour will travel to the heart of Australia's food bowl, visiting some of the Riverina's most charming attractions and towns.

Highlights include stunning sea views, historic Goulburn, the Coolamon Cheese Factory, Piccolo Farm, Emeri De Bortoli's Private Garden, Temora museums and Blue Mountains villages.

On The Golden West tour, travellers will be able to take in sandstone cliffs along the Hawkesbury River, the picturesque Newcastle coastline, Central West farmlands and the Blue Mountains rainforest.

Highlights include a Riverboat Postman cruise on the Hawkesbury River, Hunter Valley Gardens and vineyards, Mayfield Garden, Kandos, the Capertee Valley and Blue Mountains villages.

Vintage Rail Journeys director Danielle Smith said she and co-owner Simon Mitchell wanted to offer an opportunity tor travellers to experience something new.

The tours will use rarely travelled freight lines, offering the chance to admire stunning landscapes from a different perspective.

"It's really about getting people out of the city and into regional NSW, where people have been through so much in recent years," she said.

"We want to make sure people experience the food and culture of the places we visit."

The first Golden West tour of the season will take place from February 10-14 and the first Riverina tour will run from March 10-14.

For more information, call 1300-421-422, visit the Vintage Rail Journeys Facebook page or click here.