Heroes II - The Return: Operation Rimau

First there was Operation Jaywick: then came Operation Rimau


Bad luck, aborted plans and war crimes: miniseries unravels the mystery of Operation Rimau.


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FANS of the original mini series The Heroes can rejoice: Heroes II - The Return is here.

The Heroes miniseries detailed the secret mission Operation Jaywick, which resulted in seven Japanese ships being sunk in Singapore Harbour in 1943.

Heroes II - The Return sees Lieutenant Colonel Ivan Lyon (Nathaniel Parker) plan a second attack, Operation Rimau, enlisting several of Operation Jaywick's commandos plus new recruits to return and attack Singapore Harbour using one man-operated submersible canoes.

Not everything goes to plan and contact with the commandos is lost.

Mystery surrounded their fate.

After the Japanese surrender, Captain Ellis (Simon Burke) is tasked with investigating the case of the missing commandos, hopeful they may still be alive.

Ellis discovers a combination of bad luck, aborted plans and desperate acts all contributed to many of the men being killed and others captured by the Japanese.

More alarmingly, he finds something far darker: evidence of Japanese war crimes, deception and cold blooded murder.

Heroes II- The Return ($39 plus p&p) is an absorbing and gripping sequel to the original miniseries and is now available on DVD for the first time.

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