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REVIEW: Shareplicity: A simple approach to share investing

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Shares aren't just for the smart set but for everyone at every stage of life, a new book argues.


Let's face it. Shares can be scary for those of us who are unfamiliar with them or risk-averse by nature.

With a bewildering amount of jargon, endless opinions and articles, and memories of crashes gone by, it seems easy to leave investing to those made of sterner stuff.

Danielle Ecuyer aims to dispel this way of thinking. In her book Shareplicity: A simple approach to share investing, she shines a light through the fog, making the case that investing is for everyone.

This includes seniors. She says that with property prices continuing to climb, interest on cash in the bank at an all-time low, this is good to time to start thinking shares.

As she points out, shares have consistently produced above-average long-term performance, don't require large sums of capital to start out with, and have the potential for capital appreciation and income streams.

And unlike property investment, there are no hassles or stress over debt, mortgages, tenants and maintenance costs.

Amid the barrage of information available, Ecuyer, who has worked some of world's leading investment forms, cuts through to what you need to look for in a company. She also challenges the primacy of Australian blue chips.

In easy terms, she tells you what you need to know about indirect investing, including new products, and how to manage costs and fees when you invest with a managed fund.

She explains the differences between the two Australian indices - the S&P/ASX 200 and the All Ords - how dividends work, emerging marks and even how to keep your emotions in check when buying or selling!

Her chapter on franking credits - a hot topic at last year's federal election - will be of special interest to seniors.

This is a very useful book, well written and human to the core.

Shareplicity: A simple approach to share investing, Danielle Ecuyer (Major Street), RRP $29.95