CSIRO gets cracking on egg survey

Australian Eggs are asking for your views


Australian Eggs and the CSIRO have begun the annual national egg survey


Sunny side up, fried or scrambled, social scientists from the CSIRO want to know how you like your eggs.

Australia's national science agency is conducting a nationwide survey for the country's egg farmers, to find out about attitudes to the egg industry.

The survey aims to better understand consumer attitudes around key sustainability issues such as food security, animal welfare and environmental impacts of egg farming.

CSIRO senior research scientist Dr Kieren Moffat said this was the third year of surveying, and he hoped the results would provide insight into shifts in community attitudes and priorities over time.

"Relationships between industries and community are complex and take time to change and build," he said.

We know Australians eat a huge number of eggs but we also know that the way those eggs are produced is an issue people care deeply about.

"We're offering all Australians the chance to have their say through an open survey, and the data we collect will be analysed and reported back to Australian Eggs as the public view."

"In particular, this year, we will be looking to track the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on public views around food supply systems, food security and food access."

Australian Eggs managing director Rowan McMonnies said intelligence from previous surveys had formed the basis for critical changes to the industry.

"We learned last year that environmental impact has emerged as an even stronger area of interest for Australians and, as a result, we funded a suite of new research projects to identify how and where the industry can lower its environmental footprint," he said.

"This included feed efficiency improvements, new waste management technologies and online tools to help egg producers assess the viability of solar on their farm.

"Previous research also showed that food security is a major priority for the

community and the egg industry responded by ramping up biosecurity efforts.

"The benefits of that can be seen right now as the strict biosecurity measures put in place have helped protect farm workers from COVID-19 and ensure continuity of egg supply."

The survey is open until June 5th and can be accessed at https://research.csiro.au/eggs/

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