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Thursday, 7 December 2023

Staying close to your loved ones at a distance

Staying close to your loved ones at a distance
Staying close to your loved ones at a distance

This is advertiser content from Pennytel.

Times are changing, there is no doubt about that. Today, despite the fact everybody is staying close to home, the need for greater and more reliable mobile coverage has never been more important or life sustaining.

As the last few months have shown us, even though events may keep us from physically connecting with family and friends, with modern technology we will always be able to stay emotionally and socially close.

Once upon a time in the not so distant past, mobile phones were used sparingly and usually just to quickly call loved ones.

Remember back in the days of 2G or 3G coverage, when you needed to consider the cost of calls per minute, try to ring during off peak times or co-ordinate carriers with the person you were calling?

Thank goodness things have changed since then and these days' plans include local calls and texts as well as ample data to surf the internet and make video calls to catch up.

Network coverage should and is taken for granted by most of us as we enjoy excellent service across Australia's densely populated areas.

But as Australia is such a large continent we still have plenty of mobile black spots - areas without mobile coverage.

Our three main carriers, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, are continuously working to expand mobile networks to improve mobile voice and data services.

This in turn benefits resellers of their networks like Pennytel who has access to this increasing coverage.

For the average Australian this means more choice, as you can now access great mobile coverage without being tied to one of the three main carriers.

A growing number of Australians understand the importance of coverage and knowing where you can get 4G for faster mobile data speed.

To find out the coverage a mobile provider offers simply go to their website and check their coverage map.

On Pennytel's website you will see their customers now enjoy an increased 4G network coverage to 97.9 per cent of the population - encompassing coverage from Biloela in Queensland to Cohuna in Victoria and many places in between.

With network coverage now of unprecedented importance, there is no better time to ask yourself if your current mobile plan is giving you the access to the world and your loved ones that you need at the best price?

If you are in this category why not check out Pennytel's great value 3GB and 5GB plans? For those who like to stay connected but don't need too much data, these are perfect.

For just $15.99 you can have 3GB of data. But in these times of remote connecting maybe you're ready for extra data. For $19.99 you get 5GB so you can browse the internet at your leisure and most importantly, always stay in touch with loved ones.

Find out more by calling Pennytel on1300 262 146.

This is advertiser content from Pennytel.