Doreen a Parkes Day VIEW Club member for 50 years

Doreen a Parkes Day VIEW Club member for 50 years

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Doreen Nash is one of the club's inaugural members.


When it comes to numbers, Doreen Nash of Parkes takes the cake.

Quite literally!

The 90-year-old - who is believed to be the oldest member of the Parkes Day VIEW Club - celebrated 50 years of membership with the group on March 3.

Doreen is one of the club's inaugural members.

The club has the wonderful tradition of celebrating its members' years of service.

"We have a special way of recognising the years of attendance, by calling out the lady and then giving her a beautifully decorated cake," Day VIEW Club member Sue McLennan said.

The club held a business meeting before its luncheon at the Coachman Hotel, celebrating Doreen's exciting milestone shortly afterwards.

"We asked Doreen to come to the front so we could present her the wonderful cake for her to cut," Sue said.

"We told her how much we appreciated her 50 years as a member of our club, and all the work and effort she has put into making the club successful in sponsoring The Smith Family's "Learning for Life" children over the years.

"She was invited to cut the special cake, and we partied with her.

"It is very breathtaking that we still have a member who was here during the establishment of our club, and can be congratulated for her years of membership.

"Thank you, Doreen!"

Doreen's fabulously-made and decorated cake was made by Kylie Jones.

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In other Parkes Day VIEW Club news...

Last year, our club celebrated our 50th birthday in September.

We had a wonderful time, with many members attending and also some ladies from other clubs joining us.

This year, all VIEW Clubs will be celebrating the 60th birthday of the forming of View Clubs in Australia.

All clubs are active in organising various events to raise money to sponsor The Smith Family "Learning for Life" school children.

We are concerned about the children, and their families, who are living in poverty, who need financial assistance to attend school.

I am sure all the readers of the Champion Post have seen the adverts on TV that show this, explaining The Smith Family charity.

The club held a trivia night at the Parkes Bowling and Sports Club on Tuesday.

Instead of certificates, rolls of toilet paper were handed out on the night!

About 50 people attended the event.

Our next meeting will also be at the Coachman Hotel, and we welcome any ladies who would like to join us for the luncheon, to see if this organisation is one they are interested in.

Contact secretary Wendy Stoker for more details, 6862 5008.


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