Love blossoms for Rosina and Denis

Rosina and Denis celebrate first Valentine's Day together

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WEDDED BLISS: Denis and Rosina Mariàe Grieve and their dog Blossom.

WEDDED BLISS: Denis and Rosina Mariàe Grieve and their dog Blossom.


It's never too late to fall in love.


LOVE can blossom at any age. Just ask Denis and Rosina Mariàe Grieve.

The Port Macquarie couple are celebrating their first Valentine's Day as a couple on Friday, after meeting in October 2018 when Rosina moved into a seniors' community in Taree

The pair say it was love at first sight after Denis came to greet her when she and her pet Shih Tzu Blossom pulled up at their new home.

"He came over and said hello, and his eyes instantly caught me," Rosina said. "His height also caught me as well, he was so tall. I could talk to him so easily - it felt natural.

"Oh, and Blossom adored Denis too! She loves Denis, absolutely loves him."

Denis continued to court Rosina, bringing her a hand-made flower every day.

"He would make them out of paper or coloured cardboard, and they all had different centres, like a pearl or a star - I saved them all."

The couple were married in the community room at their previous community Ingenia Gardens Taree after Rosina suddenly popped the question after going out to lunch one day.

"It was a spur of the moment proposal," she said. "I was standing on a slope, so I could look into his eyes because he's tall and I'm short. So, I got down on one knee and asked - he said yes!"

The newly weds recently moved to Ingenia Gardens Port Macquarie.

"We're proud of our love and our souls, we help each other get the tough times," Rosina said.

"Our advice for other couples would be to be kind to one another.Try and be happy and make the other laugh. Also have a pet!"