Use DNA to unlock your family history

WIN: AncestryDNA kit

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Dive into your family's ancestral roots with this DNA kit.


THE AncestryDNA kit is the perfect tool for personal discoveries offering greater insight into your heritage and family history.

From a simple saliva sample, you are provided with an ethnicity estimate and can connect with your "DNA matches" - people in the AncestryDNA database you are related to.

The kit can estimate your origins to more than 500 regions around the world, with more than 15 million people in its database and the ability to connect with Ancestry's billions of historical records and millions of family trees.

The results are sure to spark some exciting family discussions at your next get-together.

So your family can dive deeper into their ancestral roots, the kit can be paired with the Ancestry Family Holiday subscription to build a digital family tree with access to billions of historical records.

AncestryDNA kit available online only at (RRP $129 plus shipping).

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