Unclaimed money could be yours

Revenue NSW could have a new year windfall for you

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More than $400 million in unclaimed money sits in NSW government coffers.


FINANCES feeling a little pinched after the festive season? Perhaps this could help...

Millions of dollars are waiting to be claimed through Revenue NSW.

In fact, more than $420 million in forgotten money is sitting with Revenue NSW, including share dividends, trust accounts, refunds, commissions, deceased estates and money from a range of other sources.

"This isn't government money - it's your money so we are encouraging everyone to check whether any money can be claimed back," said NSW Finance Minister Damien Tudehope.

Revenue NSW holds more than a million unclaimed items from private companies, State Trustees, local councils and government agencies that can't be returned to the owner because their contact details are out of date and they cannot be tracked down.

Checking whether you have unclaimed money is quick and easy.

Simply visit the Revenue NSW website HERE and type your name into the free search tool.

"If you do have a claim, notify Revenue NSW and collect your money," Mr Tudehope said.

"It only takes a few minutes and you could walk away with some extra spending money."

In Sydney alone more than $117 million remains unclaimed - Northern Sydney $27.62m, Southern Sydney $9.59m, CBD/Eastern Sydney $46.90m, Western Sydney $33.27m.

The NSW Government holds unclaimed money indefinitely until it is claimed.