Retirement living comes with health benefits

Retirement living comes with health benefits


At Tarragal Glen on the NSW Central Coast, residents are testament to the advantages of living in a close-knit retirement community, and how these can add to health and happiness.


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Residents at Tarragal Glen Retirement Village on the Central Coast are a shining example of how retirement living comes with intrinsic health benefits, including staying social and taking part in meaningful leisure activities.

Multiple research studies have consistently identified these factors as contributing to healthy ageing.

We now know that being socially active can boost longevity by up to six years and reduce the risk of disability.

What's more, engaging in meaningful activities, whether that is music, meditation, or arts and crafts, can lower the risk of dementia.

Close-knit and social

Tarragal Glen residents are testament to the advantages of living in a close-knit retirement community, and how these can add to health and happiness.

Take pioneering resident Joan Walpole, who settled into Tarragal Glen when it was first built 30 years ago.

At the time, her family and friends were concerned that she was too young for retirement living, at the age of 66.

But Joan wouldn't have it any other way.

"I never regretted it for a second. In fact, I think that's the age people should be coming in here. If you leave it too late, you don't get to enjoy all the activities and events."

Having served on the social committee for 13 years, Joan is a firm believer in the benefits of staying socially active.

"Retirement village life is what you make it - you can socialise or stay private, but for me it was never a question and I've enjoyed being active in the community," she said.

Lifestyle choice

Fellow resident Gordon Crawford moved into Tarragal Glen with his wife Sue Kemp just two years ago, and has a similar outlook.

"We were planning to wait until we were closer to 80, but when we saw the villas, facilities and quality of life that would be available to us, we looked at each other and said 'why wait?,'" he said.

"Some people look at retirement village living as though you're giving up something, but for us we really feel like it's given us a better life than we had before."

Gordon is also grateful they made the move when they did.

"It's allowed us to make a lifestyle choice and enjoy what's on offer," he said, echoing Joan's sentiments.

"We're so thankful we planned ahead and made the move while we're fit and well."

Spring Fair

Tarragal Glen's recent Spring Fair was the perfect showcase for retirement living, highlighting the effects of maintaining social networks and engaging in meaningful activities.

Not only did the event celebrate the village's 30th birthday, but it cemented connections with the broader community and displayed residents' creative flair.

More than 750 residents, friends and family supported the colourful event, with residents exhibiting handmade jewellery, quilts, wooden toys, sewing, and culinary delights.

"So many of our talented residents enjoyed sharing their handmade works with the community," said resident event organiser Edwina Barnes.

"It was very rewarding to see so many younger generations appreciate and purchase some of the yesteryear crafts and designer pieces."

For more information or to book a personal tour of Tarragal Glen, visit or call 1300 68 77 38.

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