Book: Miracle Mutts

Read about some of the world's canine heroes who have survived and thrived


The stories of 15 extraordinary dogs from around the world who have survived - and thrived - against all odds are featured in the book Miracle Mutts.


Dogs are known for their generous hearts, energy and grit. Their relationship with humans goes back many thousands of years and they are an integral part of our lives.

Whether sick or injured, lost or abandoned, recovering from cruelty or neglect, it's the underdogs of the world who have the most to teach us.

Journalist and author Laura Greaves has documented the stories of 15 extraordinary dogs from around the world who have survived - and thrived - against all odds in her book Miracle Mutts.

Dogs like Fergus a gold retriever who abused and burned was rescued and works as a therapy dogs for burns survivors; Jake a pit bull puppy saved from a fire and given puppy CPR by his firefighter neighbour and now an honorary fire department mascot; Maggie, shot 17 times on the streets of Beirut and blinded by an eye infection who now provides support to stressed out students and aged-care residents in the UK, or Kalu who lost her puppies and three legs in a farming accident but is still brave and strong spirited and Millie a disabled greyhound who became Australia's first bionic dog.

Miracle Mutts shares the stories of these and more miraculous dogs who conquered seemingly insurmountable odds, dogs whose futures seemed bleak but who triumphed.

The book demonstrates the power of compassion and the incredible spirits of dogs in the face of adversity.

About the author

Laura Greaves is an award-winning journalist, author and proud 'crazy dog lady'. She has spent nearly 20 years writing for newspapers and magazines in Australia and around the world and is the former editor of Dogs Life magazine.

Now a freelance writer Laura has written for countless dog and pet-specific print and web publications. She is the author of the collections Incredible Dog Journeys, Dogs with Jobs and the Rescuers and the children's book Amazing Dogs with Amazing Jobs as well as three romantic comedy novels, Be My Baby, The Ex-Factor and Two Weeks 'Til Christmas all of which feature an extensive supporting cast of cheeky canines.

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