Lose yourself in the Southwest Wilderness of Tasmania

Lose yourself in the Southwest Wilderness of Tasmania

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Sponsored content: Join us on the ultimate multi-day Tasmanian wilderness experience at the only private camp in the Southwest National Park.


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Join us on the ultimate multi-day Tasmanian wilderness experience at the only private camp in the Southwest National Park.

Picture yourself standing amongst some of the most ancient wilderness in the country. One of the only ways to arrive in this remote lost world is by air. Par Avion can take you there.

We'll guide you gently through the wilderness, cruise through internationally-significant marine reserves, and reveal places where only very few have ever set foot since the beginning of time.

Our favourite corner of Tasmania is disconnected from modern life, an escape from the real world, somewhere you can fall in step with the slow pace of nature.

Visit beautiful Mt Rugby.

Visit beautiful Mt Rugby.

Southwest National Park, Tasmania's untouched wilderness

Southwest National Park is the largest National Park in Tasmania - over 600,000 hectares of wild rivers, ancient forest, steep mountain ranges, and an abundance of wildlife. It is bounded by the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park to the north, the Hartz Mountains National Park to the east, and the Southwest Conservation Area to the west.

The area that is now known as the Southwest National Park has a rich ancient history, stretching back at least 30,000 years, when Indigenous communities inhabited the area.

Now, the Southwest National Park is one of Tasmania's most fiercely-protected and well-loved destinations for walking, camping, and photography.

The Southwest National Park is one of the greatest examples of untouched wilderness in Australia, and encompasses a wide variety of landscape, flora and fauna species, and climatic conditions.

From open beaches to thick forest, the Southwest National Park is an area that has captured the fascination of locals and visitors alike for many years, and we hope to continue leading guests through this magical place for years to come.

Fly with Par Avion.

Fly with Par Avion.

The Par Avion Southwest Wilderness Experience

Your unforgettable Southwest Wilderness experience begins by air, one of the only modes of accessing this vast area. During the flight, we'll witness the grandeur of the area and see icons of Tasmania's world-renowned wilderness such as Federation Peak, the Western Arthur Range, Precipitous Bluff and the rugged south coast.

Arriving at Melaleuca, we board our purpose-built vessel to explore the magnificent waterways of the Port Davey Marine Reserve before making our way to our private Southwest Wilderness Camp.

During this adventure-packed trip, you'll get opportunities to see the rare and endangered Orange-Bellied Parrot (if the conditions are right), visit ancient Aboriginal middens and caves, hike nearby hill and mountains, and explore the remote waterways via your private boat.

For three days and two nights, we explore one of Tasmania's most breathtaking and pristine wilderness areas. A genuinely remote place, where there are no roads or signs of civilisation.

You'll travel alongside experienced guides who will weave a narrative around the sights - stories of ancient inhabitants, modern-day exploration, and recent pioneers - and show you hidden marvels, bringing the journey to life.

The private camp is fully-equipped with modern comforts - bedding, showers, and bathrooms - in sturdy canvas huts, and your meals, including the finest Tasmanian seasonal food and wine, are included.

For the travellers on a tighter schedule, we also travel to the Southwest on single day trips from Hobart, where you'll experience highlights of the region, with a gourmet lunch included.

Visiting the Southwest National Park with Par Avion

The Southwest Wilderness Camp Experience is an escape like no other.

To find out more about Par Avion Tasmania's Southwest Wilderness Experience tours, visit paravion.com.au