Bid to reunite war medals with relatives

Albury RSL launches bid to reunite war medals with relatives

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FOUND: The medals.

FOUND: The medals.


Four medals recently handed in at Albury RSL sub-branch


THE head of the Albury RSL branch hopes to find the owners of a World War II veteran's medals.

Four medals belonging to Hilton Charles Burrows were recently handed in to the branch.

Mr Burrows, who was born in February 1914, enlisted in Toowomba in May 1943 and provided an inner Sydney address as his home.

Sub-branch president Graham Docksey said it was unclear if there was a local connection to the soldier and his family.

"I don't know whether there's a connection to Burrows Road," he said.

"Anything could have happened after WWII, he could have married and moved here, who knows.

"I'm interested in why they're lost or dropped.

"A bloke who had been walking past with a dog dropped them off to the sub-branch."

Mr Docksey said finding next of kin could sometimes be simple.

"In this case, there are too many possibilities," he said.

"There could be a daughter who has married and changed names, you wouldn't know where to start.

"They'll probably have some sentimental value to the family.

"I'd like to see them returned to the family, where they rightfully belong."

Mr Docksey said people would need to provide proof of their relationship to Mr Burrows and can call 0429 655 815.

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