Changes to wife and widow pensions

The wife pension and widow B pension will cease from March, 2020

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Changes are coming for recipients of welfare payments that cease in March next year.


IF YOU receive the wife pension or widow B pension, changes are coming.

From March 20, 2020, these payments will stop.

Those on the widow B pension will be transferred to the age pension on March 20; the amount will not change.

From March 20, people on the wife pension and carer pension will receive the carer payment along with carer allowance.

Those receiving the wife pension only will be transferred to the age pension (age 66 and over) or the JobSeeker payment (65 or under).

People who live overseas, are aged 66 or over and receive the wife pension will transfer to the age pension. The payment will stop for those who will be 65 or younger on March 20, 2020.

Centrelink advises that if your payment stops you may be able to claim a different payment while you live overseas. Centrelink has international social security agreements with certain countries.