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Find the perfect phone for you


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You may not be the type to update your mobile phone the moment the latest model is released, but chances are you will need to at some stage.

When that time comes, as it invariably will, you need to consider what is important to you in a handset.

What matters in a mobile phone

Price is overwhelmingly important to many people.

The big players, iPhone and Samsung, are becoming prohibitively expensive with prices of their product often hitting over the $1000 mark.

But did you know price doesn't necessarily correlate to quality and you can get just as many great features on an inexpensive phone that cost less than $300?

A recent survey of telco Pennytel's customer base confirms that after price the most important considerations when buying a mobile handset are battery life, screen size and the durability of the phone.

Pennytel's research on the buying habits of mobile phone users also suggest 78 per cent of those surveyed prefer to buy the phone outright at a good price rather than on a plan.

This makes sense as it gives the consumer flexibility to choose any provider and get the best value from their plan as they aren't locked into a contract.

These outcomes have led Pennytel to Nokia 3.2 as the choice of solution for their customers.

The Nokia 3.2 smartphone, designed with large screen size and long battery life is an easy to use and competitively priced choice for the older generation.

A one stop shop and mobile plan

You may remember Nokia from the good old days when a phone was just a phone. Now they offer feature-packed smartphones that won't break the bank, and soon you'll be able to purchase a Nokia 4.2 or Nokia 3.2 alongside one of Pennytel's great valued mobile plans.

Many consumers upgrade to the latest version of a phone to ensure they get the necessary updates.

From downloads that don't drain your battery to uploading the latest security updates, the savvy shopper knows what to look for.

It's important for manufacturers to listen to what consumers want, that's why Nokia phones use Android One, a version of the Android operating system that comes with the promise of regular security updates for three years.

With Nokia phones, it is worth remembering that you don't have to pay top dollar to get the latest technology when it comes to your mobile phone.

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