Wanted: Old Bastards for a cause

The Australasian Order of Old Bastards is looking to expand its ranks

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COME ONE, COME ALL: Kevin Gunn ("Big Kev OB") (left) and Bob Rankin on the fund-raising trail.

COME ONE, COME ALL: Kevin Gunn ("Big Kev OB") (left) and Bob Rankin on the fund-raising trail.


New blood needed to help 50-year-old charity keep up its good work for kids.


OLD Bastards are in demand like never before.

But before you fire off a letter to the editor, we should make it clear we're referring to would-be members of the Australasian Order of Old Bastards - a charity that has been helping children with special needs for more than 50 years.

Over that time the AOOB has raised $7.5 million for a variety of children's charities, such as the Westmead Children's Hospital Renal Clinic and Autism Spectrum Australia.

Its most recent legacy was $100,000 to the clinic's laboratory. It also supports the Australasian Registry of Rare and Genetic Kidney Disease.

Despite "flying under the radar" compared with other, better-known charities, the AOOB has 13 branches around Australia and 358,000 members nationally and throughout the world.

But more Old B's are always needed.

In its early days the AOOB had 20 branches around NSW but that is now down to five: Camden/Menangle, Springwood, Hornsby, Northern Rivers and Twin Towns.

"Big Kev" Gunn, from Camden/Menangle, which has 530 members, says new blood is needed, especially younger folk.

To become an Old Bastard at Camden/Menangle, newcomers pay a lifetime one-off fee of $35, with no more to pay again - ever.

This entitles them to a personalised card, key-ring engraved with their membership number, lapel pin, yearly newsletter and a pen.

The Camden/Menangle branch meets monthly. For more information call Kev on 4633-9786.

For more information, or to find the locations of other AOOB branches, call national headquarters on (07) 5531-3362 or visit aoob.com.au