Young boy gets a taste of pilot's life

Bendigo boy meets Qantas pilot and it's a dream come true

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Bendigo's 7-year-old Ollie has always loved flying. He's now realised his dreams.


Eight year old Ollie has always been fascinated by planes and flying.

So when Bendigo's first Qantas service arrived he was there to greet it, with his drawings of plane.

There he met Bendigo born Oliver Mitchell, who'd volunteered to fly the first Qantas service to his home town.

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The pair of Oliver's met on the day, when Ollie showed Captain Oliver his drawings.

Afterwards the Captain began a social media search to find the young Ollie.

Eventually the pair found each other. Captain Oliver was able to organise a special day for the young flying fan, during which he got to experience a day in the life of a Qantas pilot.

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