Get shipshape for the cricket

Bristol gears up for Cricket World Cup

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TRIBUTE TO A GENIUS: Enjoy the SS Great Britain exhibition.

TRIBUTE TO A GENIUS: Enjoy the SS Great Britain exhibition.


Home to famous ship with crlcket connections, English city an ideal hub for fans.


IF you are heading to the ICC Cricket World Cup (on until July 14) in England and Wales, chances are you will find yourself in Bristol at some point.

Many warm-up and main tournament games are being played within the south-western city, or within a one-hour road or rail journey from it - including Cardiff Wales Stadium and County Ground in Taunton.

Outside of the cricket grounds, visitors to Bristol can explore the thriving city, with great things to discover including an eclectic art and food scene.

Home to famed street artist Banksy, Bristol, 193km from London, has recently been named the coolest city in Europe and the kindest and most artistic in Britain.

One of the city's chief attractions is Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Britain. When it was launched in 1843, it was the largest ship in the world.

Long before any World Cup events were established, the All England cricket team travelled to Australia aboard the Great Britain in 1861 and 1863.

To coincide with the World Cup the ship is home to a temporary exhibition where visitors can explore the very decks that famous cricketers roamed.

A visit typically takes between two and four hours and includes the Great Britain, the Dockyard Museum, Dry Dock, Glass Sea and the new Being Brunel Museum. You can also go aloft and climb the rigging.