Are you worried about outliving your retirement funds?

Homesafe Wealth Release: Helping over 60s live the debt free way


Why over-60s are turning to equity release solutions like Homesafe Wealth Release.


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MANY retirees are making lifestyle sacrifices because they are worried about outliving their retirement savings.

Yet there is an increasing number of retirees who have found a solution to managing longevity risk - being able to access the equity in their homes debt free.

A debt free equity release strategy does not penalise retirees for living longer than expected.

Rather, it allows over 60s to enjoy retirement and relax about living longer, without any pressure to sell their home.

Homesafe Wealth Release®, the only debt free equity release product available for older homeowners, has been designed to 'cap' the share Homesafe will receive on the sale of the home.

If the homeowner lives longer than they had expected, nothing changes under their Contract, and the share will never increase.

On the other hand, other forms of equity release, such as reverse mortgages, are loan products and are not "debt free" as the homeowner accumulates debt, via compounding interest, until the home is sold.

The longer the homeowner lives, and stays in their home, the more interest accrues over time.

Thousands of over 60s have turned to Homesafe Wealth Release® to access the equity in their home, debt free, to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

Homesafe Wealth Release is not a loan or a reverse mortgage, but a way to sell a share of the future value of your home - and receive the cash you need today*.

There are no repayments and you remain the owner of your home until you choose to sell. Furthermore, as the share sold to Homesafe is capped, you have peace of mind that there is still a share of your home that you can leave to your family members.

For more information please call Homesafe on 1300 307 059 or visit our website

*Terms, conditions and eligibility criteria apply. Homesafe Wealth Release is available in 90 per cent of eligible postcodes in Melbourne and Sydney.

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