Secrets to a happy relationship

United Aged Care residents share the secrets of a happy marriage

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TRUE LOVE: Ron and Joan have been married for 63 years.

TRUE LOVE: Ron and Joan have been married for 63 years.


What's the secret to everlasting love?


WHAT'S the secret to everlasting love?

These couples from Uniting Aged Care have been married for more than 50 years - and they spill the beans on the secret to a happy relationship.

Some say that love is just making sure that you always communicate, some say the key is making sure you open yourself up fully to another person.

According to Joan, 84, and Ron, 91, it's all about working together through everything that can crop up in a marriage.

For Joan there really is such thing as love at first sight.

“You can look at someone,” she said. “And you think, ‘Oh s**t! Isn’t he nice!’”

For Ron it’s the strong sense of partnership he shares with Joan that’s kept their enduring love story alive.

“I think that true love is simply working with one another in all the things that crop up in a marriage,” he said.

Juri, 78, and Carole, 75, have been married 54 years. They know that love is always worth it and believe the secret to love is continually fighting to make sure that the person you’re with knows that they are loved.

Carole remembers the day she met husband Juri. “I saw this handsome person walking towards me, and I just absolutely melted.”

Despite having some huge challenges to overcome in over 50 years together – including Juri being diagnosed with Parkinson’s – the couple are more in love than ever.

“I think I admire him more now than I ever have,” says Carole.

“True love is the greatest blessing that life has to offer. It’s the only thing worth fighting for. It’s the only thing of any real value in life. Everything else you can lose. Love just goes on.”