Now that's a finger lickin' good cake

Alice Munro just can't believe the fuss over her KFC cake

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Yes, it's edible. See our gallery for more of Alice's amazing cakes


A Tasmanian woman's KFC cake has gone viral after she posted it on a cake Facebook page two days ago.

Alice Munro made the KFC cake "just for fun" but has made many more for some of her family members birthdays.

"It was just one of those things when I became a grandparent… Some of them take such a long time, I like to give them to my kids as a present and the look on their face when I give it to them, there faces just light up and that to me is the best, it is priceless," Ms Munro said.

She said the deer was one of her favourites.

"This one was for my son’s 30th and he had no idea what we were doing. It was 15 kilograms of mud cake and seven kilograms of fondant."

Ms Munro said she made the eyes, which took about 13 attempts to get right and she made the guts but didn't put them in the deer because she didn't want to ruin him.

She said she bought an edible printer, which was only cost about $100, because she was making so many cakes.

"It is just incredible, you put a rice paper into the printer, the printer has food grade gel and it does your print and you pick the image that you want."

She said she had been making a couple of other fast food cakes just for practise. 

"I have been making a couple of other ones to see how realistic I could get it, I have done a few tutorials and it just came together incredibly."

Ms Munro is self taught, mostly from watching online tutorials and she made most of the cakes for her three children and eight grandchildren.

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