Humpback’s whale of time in Tamar

Humpback whales spotted in Tamar River

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The whales are currently migrating south.


For the 12th time since 1997 whales were sighted in the Tamar River.

On Sunday evening, David Logan spotted two humpback whales in the river. 

A department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment spokesperson said in 21 years, the Marine Conservation Program had recorded southern right whales in the river four times, and humpback whales eight times.

“Reasons for entering the Tamar River can be varied, including chasing food up the river mouth or simply exploring the area on their way along the coastline. Southern right whales in particular are attracted to and very skilled at negotiating shallow bays and beaches,” the spokesperson said.

Both southern right and humpback whales are undertaking their annual southern migration.

Vessels should not approach closer than 100 metres to a whale, and swimmers must not approach closer than 30m. The guidelines are as much in place for public safety as maintaining welfare of the whales, the spokesperson said.

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