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ANXIETY is the most common mental health condition in Australia – yet seven out of 10 people have never taken a simple online anxiety quiz to assess their anxiety.

The simple seven-question quiz lets you know whether you may be experiencing an anxiety condition serious enough to require professional support.

Beyond Blue encourages people to take the quiz, which replicates the clinically valid GAD-7 anxiety assessment.

Almost two in three people experiencing an anxiety condition believe others see anxiety as a sign of personal weakness.

However, a snapshot of more than 800 people, commissioned by Beyond Blue, shows people in Australia are more accepting of anxiety conditions than many believe.

- 90 per cent believe an anxiety condition is a real medical illness

- 86 per cent say they do not consider anxiety a weakness

- 86 per cent don’t believe anxiety is something you can just snap out of

“We know that a big barrier for people seeking support can be stigma, including personal fear and shame, yet the research tells us that when it comes to anxiety, people are far more understanding than we may think,” said Beyond Blue chief executive Georgie Harman.

“Anxiety is not a sign of personal weakness and most people in Australia know that.

“It is a real condition and it’s not something you can snap out of.

“We want people experiencing anxiety to know they need not feel alone or misunderstood – that people will believe them and not judge, and want to support them.”

More than two million Australians experience anxiety conditions, with research showing that one in six people take six years or more to recognise the signs and seek treatment.

Take the anxiety seven-point quiz HERE

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Mental health professionals are available at the Beyond Blue support service 24 hours a day, 1300-224-636, or via www.beyondblue.org.au/get-support for online chat 3pm-midnight (AEST) or email responses within 24 hours.