Cheers to this strawberry sour

Eden Brewery's strawberry sour supports Aussie farmers

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A new, NSW-brewed sour will prove to be a sweet deal for farmers.


A new, NSW-brewed sour will prove to be a sweet deal for farmers.

The team at Eden Brewery in Mittagong is brewing a new strawberry sour, in order to support struggling strawberry farmers in Queensland.

The batch of sour is made with 200kg of Queensland-grown strawberries.

Eden’s brewer Jacob Newman said the team wanted to help farmers doing it tough.

“The original plan was to do a watermelon sour as we brew with the seasons,” he said.

“I was on my way to the markets to get the watermelons, and before I left I saw a video of massive amounts of strawberries going to waste [due to the contamination].

“The strawberries [at the market] weren’t moving, no one was buying them. We intended to purchase significant amount of fruit, and we made the choice to buy strawberries.”

Several weeks ago, a Brisbane man found a needle in a strawberry and he was admitted to hospital with abdominal pain.

This was followed by several other cases, which led to a recall of several strawberry brands from supermarkets and lower strawberry sales for existing brands.

When Mr Newman made the announcement about the strawberry sour on Facebook, the post gained close to 700 likes, more than 60 comments and more than 80 shares.

“Being an American over here, I can see the Australians really do get behind Australian farmers,” he said.

“If people can support farmers by drinking a beer, what Aussie wouldn’t do that?”

The brew will be available to the public in a few weeks.