Wildlife Park welcomes a devilish addition to the family

Wings Wildlife Park welcomes baby devils

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The baby devils at Wings have arrived just in time for school holidays


Wings Wildlife Park has welcomed two baby devils into their family.

The boy and girl babies are four and a half months old but yet to be named as the park is waiting on a sponsor to name them.

Nicole Mason from Wings Wildlife Park, near Burnie, said they were quite active at their age and all they wanted to do was run around.

“We have a special formula and teats they use, I feed them every three to four hours,” Ms Mason said.

She said when they were born they were the size of a grain of rice and only the strongest survived.

“They have to crawl into the pouch and latch onto one of the teats, so the mum can only have a maximum of four each year and Ah-na (the babies mum) only had the two.”

She said people could come and have an encounter with the baby devils any day of the week.

Wings’ manager Gena Cantwell said they didn’t know if they would have any young breeding in captivity so there was a bit of anticipation in the lead up to it being confirmed.

“It definitely raises everyone’s interest. Everyone wants to see the baby devils, or joeys,” Mrs Cantwell said

She grew up at the park because her parents owned it and now her children were enjoying park life.

“This was my backyard as a kid so it was good to go away and travel and return with my children,” Mrs Cantwell said.

“They (Zoe and Charlotte) have an older sister Lilly, who is nine, and she gets upset when she goes to school.

“Charlotte and Zoe, when we first came back they were scared of everything but now we have to stop them climbing into the enclosures when we are not there.”

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