Spring clean your coop

Chook checklist will help put a spring in your chickens' steps

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Give your hens a clean home and you'll be well rewarded.

Give your hens a clean home and you'll be well rewarded.


Chickens provide a backyard bounty, so give them everything they need to stay healthy.


THERE’S a wealth of information available on how to keep ourselves healthy: but what about those wonderful providers of backyard bounty … our chooks?

As the days get longer, there is a change going on in the brain of every chook kept in backyards. Their brains are telling their bodies to restart or ramp up egg production after a slowdown over the coldest period of winter.

These changes, collectively called the “spring flush”, make now the perfect time for both seasoned and rookie chook-keepers to do their annual chook check-up.

Launched during National Chook Health Week (September 10-16), the handy checklist will help you take charge of your chooks’ health.

Animal nutritionist with animal feed solutions brand Barastoc, Elise Davine, said the first thing people should check is that their chooks are alert and moving about, eating and drinking.

Next, it’s time to give the coop a good spring clean.

“Pull on your gloves and clean out dirty nesting and other dropping build-ups because hens like to lay in a place that’s clean and secure,” she said.

“The third thing we love to see poultry owners do in spring is check their food – egg-laying is very demanding on a hen and you need to make sure she’s getting everything she needs to stay healthy and produce quality, nutritious eggs.

“Remember that you get back what you put in – the better the quality of the feed, the better the quality of the eggs you’ll get.”

Time to extend the living quarters, perhaps?

Time to extend the living quarters, perhaps?

Your chook check-up

For a simple guide on chook health, take a look at the Barastoc Chook Check-up Checklist HERE 

It’s a simple guide of six things you can check off at the beginning of spring to give your hens the best chance of being healthy and producing quality eggs for you and your family.

Want to know more about keeping healthy chickens?

Take a look at the Barastoc Chook Book HERE