People over 65 wanted for technology pilot

Vision Australia trial to help vision-impaired with technology

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Pilot: People with low-vision are being sought for a new technology trial.

Pilot: People with low-vision are being sought for a new technology trial.


Vision Australia's new pilot program gives technology to older people with low-vision.


Technology can make a big difference in the lives of the vision-impaired.

Vision Australia is piloting a new program giving people over 65 with low vision access to new technology and training to assist them to remain independent and connected.

The organisation is currently seeking people in Western Sydney and Canberra to take part in the initiative,

Participants will be given a Samsung tablet loaded with Breezie, a software system designed for use by older people, as well as a Google Home speaker and generous data package for up to 12 months.

Vision Australia’s specialist staff will customise the devices and their settings for each participant and will provide tuition and support over the 12-month period as needed.

“For people have low vision, it can be technology that is the key to them carrying out day to day things that sighted people might take for granted. By the end of the pilot we want an idea of what can be done to best support our community,” said Vision Australia Strategic Business Development Manager Michelle Eunson.

“Whether it’s calling family and friends, keeping a telehealth appointment, watching TV, listening to an audio book, sending emails or reading the paper, we want our clients to be able to make the most of what technology and the internet can offer.”

It is hoped the pilot program will result in improved technology solutions for older people with vision loss.

People interested in participating in the program can register their interest by emailing or calling 1300-847-466.