Meerkat babies born at Monarto Zoo

Meerkat babies born at Monarto Zoo | photos


Proof spring is upon us: a baby boom at the open plains zoo is continuing.


Monarto Zoo has welcomed the birth of its first two meerkat pups, both girls.

The pups were born on August 16 to parents Eanie and Roho, zookeeper Cristy Seymour revealed on Thursday.

Six weeks later, they still weigh just 120 grams each and are only beginning to explore the world outside their den.

“When they are born, they are absolutely tiny, almost bald and their eyes aren’t open,” Ms Seymour said.

“Their personalities are starting to shine through as they go on adventures in their habitat under the watchful eye of their doting parents.”

She said visitors were likely to catch a glimpse of the pups if they visited first thing in the morning, or anytime the sun was shining.

Monarto Zoo has also welcomed the birth of two giraffe calves, five cheetah cubs, an endangered Prsewalski’s horse calf, a critically endangered addax and a scimitar-horned oryx, which are extinct in the wild, this year.

Though the meerkats are the first born there, Adelaide Zoo has bred 80 pups since 1993.

All Zoos SA needs now is for their star attractions, Adelaide Zoo pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni, to get the hint.

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