Stay away from flood waters: police

Friday, 17th March, 2017

NSW Police are reminding motorists not to drive through flood waters. Photo: Ryan Pierse/Getty Images.

AS the wet weather is set to continue into next week for many parts of the country, particularly the east coast, NSW Police are urging motorists to drive to conditions.

Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy, of the state's Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, said that with wet weather continuing, road users should take extra care.

"I urge anyone who plans to travel to be aware of road conditions and plan or postpone your trip accordingly.

"Don't drive through floodwaters for any reason. No matter what type of car you have, if you can't see the roadway, don't risk it.

"Over the past week, the decisions made - predominantly by motorists - have not only put their lives at risk, but also the lives of the police, SES and other emergency service personnel who have to rescue them.

"Since Monday there have been 58 flood rescues carried out; 43 were for the Wollongong and Shellharbour areas during a four-hour period yesterday afternoon/evening.

"In one incident yesterday afternoon 11 people were rescued on the Illawarra Highway at Macquarie Pass, when a large amount of water flowed across the road from an escarpment.

"The message cannot be clearer! Do not attempt to drive through flooded roads. Make the safe decision to turn around and take a safer route and if the bad weather continues, delay all non-essential travel," Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

Further tips to stay safe during wet weather include:

  • Leave a greater braking distance between yourself and the vehicle in front
  • In heavy rain pull over where safe to do so and wait for the wet weather to pass
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders should wear brightly-coloured clothes in order to be seen by other road users
  • Drivers and motorcycle riders should use their headlights in heavy rain to be seen by other road users
  • Be mindful of fatigue, as bad weather may cause delays, and
  • If you become involved in a crash or break down, secure your vehicle, take shelter where safe to do so, and await the arrival of emergency or other services.

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