Funds support vital ageing research

Tuesday, 13th September, 2016

Centre director John Piggott said the funding will help continue population ageing research.

A $27.25 MILLION funding boost will help address Australia's ageing population.

The federal government support will enable the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research to continue and expand its research on the economic and social challenges of population ageing over the next seven years.

Centre director John Piggott said the research has the potential to transform the country's future.

"Population ageing is an issue of paramount importance to all; this is truly the ageing century," Professor Piggott said.

Council on the Ageing has welcomed the commitment to the research.

Acting chief executive Judy Gregurke said the centre was in an excellent position to conduct much-needed studies.

"It can generate the sort of comprehensive, integrated, systematic evidence base that is urgently needed for effective ageing policy," Ms Gregurke said.

"Understanding what an older population really means for us as a nation, economically and socially, will help policy makers understand how to create a fair and productive society where no age group is left behind."

The centre aims to fill critical knowledge gaps about ageing identified by government, industry and community groups.

Its research spans multiple disciplines, including actuarial studies, demography, economics, epidemiology, organisational behaviour, psychology and sociology.

The work focuses on four interconnected streams focusing on demographic modelling, decision making, expectations and cognitive ageing, successful ageing in the workforce and sustainable wellbeing in later life.

The centre is based at University of NSW in Sydney.

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