End the debate over backyard cricket

Wednesday, 3rd January, 2018

You can help create the official backyard cricket rules.

AUSSIES love our backyard cricket... but when it comes to the rules there's often no love lost!

Now, to end generations of debate, we're being asked to help create a set of official rules for one of the nation's best-loved summer sports.

The Australia Day Council of NSW, with the support of Cricket NSW, wants people to get onto social media to finalise rules of the game once and for all.

"Families can debate for hours about whether the dog can be a fielder or whether you can get out on the first ball. We want to hear what you think the rules should be," said Australia Day Council chairman Angelos Frangopoulous.

You can join the debate on the council's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels, on everything from six and out and behind stumps and out, to leg before wicket.

Mr Frangopoulos said the most disputed rule is "tip and run" - whether or not you must run once you've hit the ball.

"Those who grew up on backyard cricket know that 'tip and run' is the number one rule. If you don't run once you've hit the ball - you're out!"

The Official Rules for Backyard Cricket will be published on the Australia Day website on January 26.

To join the discussion, visit the Australia Day Facebook page or find out more at

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