'Beer garden Cinderella': Queensland pub finds owner of lost choppers

Monday, 12th February, 2018

Dentures left behind in a Bundaberg pub, which were found by a cleaner. Photo: Facebook

A SET of false teeth have been reunited with their owner thanks to Facebook word of mouth, after they were left in the beer garden of a Bundaberg pub earlier this week.

A cleaner at The Club Hotel, located on the central Queensland coast, found the dentures and left them on top of the bar with a note.

The Club Hotel owner Anthony Burrows said he walked in on Tuesday morning and made "a very unusual find".

“I walked into the bar and thought 'what the hell is that?'," he said.

The find sparked the search for the owner, with a Facebook campaign reaching far and wide. The main post attracted more than 100 shares, 90 likes and almost 100 comments.

"Do these teeth belong to a Keith? Or, is it Ruth who lost her tooth?" the post read.

"We are looking for our Beergarden Cinderella! Whoever fits these dentures can go on an adventure!

"Adventure = a complimentary VB, if the teeth fit."

It was thanks to the power of social media, that the owner of the dentures was found.

A man, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed the choppers on Friday night after his son tagged him in the Facebook post.

"He said he doesn’t wear them (dentures) very often, but he put them in for a family evening here," Mr Burrows said.

"He took them out for dinner and didn't realise he had left them behind.

"I'm just happy the toothless wonder has claimed his prize."

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