SPONSORED ARTICLE: How to manage unwanted mobile phone charges

Sunday, 1st October, 2017

Not always sure of what you’re clicking on?

FOR many of us, a mobile phone is an essential part of everyday life. But unexpected or unwanted charges on our monthly bill can come as a shock.

Your mobile provider may offer a service called ‘direct carrier billing’. This allows you to buy content from a third party without having to enter your bank or card details every time you make a purchase through your phone. Instead, you can charge it directly to your mobile bill or use your prepaid balance.

This can be a useful and easy way to buy things like apps, quizzes and horoscopes. But if you’re not always sure of what you’re clicking on, or if you have young grandchildren or friends using your phone, it’s good to know how it works, how to stop it and what to do if you run into problems:

>          To manage your spending, ask your mobile provider about how to set direct carrier billing limits.

>          To cancel unwanted subscriptions, reply ‘STOP’ to the initial SMS if you received one (these are often sent but aren’t mandatory). If you don’t want this feature on your phone, ask your mobile provider to bar direct carrier billing. You’ll need to cancel any existing content subscriptions before barring.

>          To clarify the charges on your bill, contact the third-party content provider. Their details should be on your mobile bill or in any subscription SMS. If they can’t help, contact your mobile provider.

>          To help with any unresolved complaints, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

For more information, take a look at the ACMA’s guide to unexpected mobile content charges  

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