Get your copy of the diary that saves lives

Thursday, 5th October, 2017

SAVING LIVES - The Australian Women's Health Diary is now on sale.

EVERY day in Australia 48 women will learn they have breast cancer. Each one of them deserves to receive a treatment personalised for their unique circumstances and which will cure them forever.

This is where a special diary plays a critical role - the 2018 Australian Women's Health Diary funds breast cancer trials research.

Known as the 'diary that saves lives', it's a must-have for wives, mothers, grandmothers, girlfriends, sisters and daughters with all funds raised going to vital trials research.

Breast Cancer Trials is the only independent research group in Australia and New Zealand which conducts clinical trials in breast cancer. The program is national and international and involves collaboration between researchers who develop and conduct the trials, women who take part in the trials and supporters who fund them.

"We are on a mission for people affected by breast cancer to live better, to live longer and to never die from breast cancer," said Dr Soozy Smith chief executive of Breast Cancer Trials.

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