Don't get burnt with Australia Day celebrations

Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

Take care around the barbecue this Australia Day.

THROWING a few snags on the barbie this Australia Day? Be careful not to get burnt.

The Queensland government is urging people to take care when using their barbecues to avoid ending up in the emergency room.

Mines Minister Anthony Lynham said celebrations can easily turn into a medical emergency when a fire occurs due to poorly connected, transported or maintained LP gas barbeques.

“Recently we have witnessed some horrific injuries and some potential near misses, including a house fire on the Gold Coast hinterland from a modified barbecue,” Dr Lynham said.

“Simple checks can prevent serious injury to you and your loved ones.”

 Safety tips before breaking out the snags are:

  • Look for any damage or faults - fading, fraying, cracking or splitting fittings and hoses or missing ‘O’ ring seals.
  • Check the test date on LPG cylinders and look for any signs of damage on the cylinders or valves such as corrosion and damaged or clogged connectors.
  • Spray or sponge soapy water onto connections to check for bubbles to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Empty the grease tray, because overfilled drip trays can become highly flammable.
  • Only operate your gas BBQ outside, not inside a house or a confined spaces where lethal carbon monoxide gas can build up.
  • Secured gas bottles are transported safely - secure them while travelling and ensure a plug is fitted in the valve outlet and tightened to prevent gas escape if the valve handle is knocked during transport.
  • Use a barbeque-specific fire lighter if your barbeque doesn’t have an auto ignition.
  • Keep children and others at a safe distance when you light up.
  • Consider keeping a portable fire extinguisher nearby.

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