Bowls Biased + Uncensored

Monday, 23rd November, 2015

There's nothing like picking the brains of an expert when you want to master a new activity.
And Ian 'Shoey' Schuback is the obvious expert of choice when it comes to lawn bowls.
Shoey has an undefeated international record of four world titles and his knowledge of the game is second to none.
In his new book, Bowls Biased + Uncensored, Shoey lays out the principles that underline the game.
A well presented soft cover book, on high quality gloss paper, it touches on every aspect of the game from the attributes you need to make your game a success, to skill sets and mastering the art of tactics.
With photographs to illustrate techniques, Shoey explains clearly and precisely how to deliver the ultimate performance.
Scratch beneath the surface of a good bowls player and it soon becomes clear that it's not just about skill and actions- mental agility and toughness are key attributes of a champion.
n Bowls Biased + Uncensored, $29.95, Slattery Media Group, available at book stores.

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