Not Just a Piece of Cake Being An Author

Tuesday, 22nd December, 2015

There's a school of thought that claims everyone has at least one book in them.
And it seems half the world is trying to prove it true.
Despite the digital age, where economy of words is paramount and paper is evil, there are just as many people writing books these days as there are people reading them.
Hazel Edwards, 70, a successful author of children's books, has a rather unusual book out that may make the whole book writing process that much easier for anyone who wants to give it a try.
With the rather cumbersome title of Not Just a Piece of Cake Being An Author, the memoir takes readers through various stages of creativity.
The book aims to prepare aspiring authors, especially those who want to write for children, to be realistic about the risks, the time and energy needed to become a successful writer.
Sprinkled with writing tips and laden with humour, the book is both instructional and fun.
n Not Just a Piece of Cake Being an Author, approximately $20,

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