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Cut crisis talk: ageing an asset

THE creation of a Seniors Enterprise Institute to fund and support senior entrepeneurs is among 17 recommendations in the long-awaited Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, launched in September.

Zoe finds a place to heal the scars

THE trauma of spending time in a home for children of sick mothers when she was young has haunted Zoe Stewart all her life. But things have turned around with the help of Tuart Place, a support service for Forgotten Australians.

Holiday plans dashed

THE collapse of a Victorian-based travel agency has dashed the holiday plans of dozens of Australian seniors, leaving them thousands of dollars out of pocket.

Grandmas go right off

BARELY 48 hours after Grandmothers Against the Detention of Refugee Children held its official launch last month, Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announced a rethink on the processing of asylum seekers who arrived between July 19 and December 31 last year.

Report misses reality of grandparent carers

GRANDPARENTS who care full-time for their grandchildren would no longer be able to access free child care under a Productivity Commission proposal.

Big rig keeps on rollin’

AFTER almost 50 years driving semi-trailers, B-doubles and road trains, Norm Ekman knows pretty much all there is to know about steering big rigs through the outback. Yet the 70-year-old is by no means ready to give it all away, perhaps one of the reasons he has been honoured by induction into the National Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

Part-time role ‘backward step’

RELEGATING the age discrimination commiss­ion­er’s role to a part-time position discounts the rights of older people and is a backward step. 

Jobseekers face uphill battle

AN extra 24,000 over-50s have begun receiving Newstart in the past year, with more than 200,000 older unemployed people now claiming the allowance.

Wolf’s winning ways

WOLF Blass knew he was on to a good thing before even arriving in Australia in 1961 to take up a three-year contract with the Kaiser Stuhl wine growers’ co-operative. In London, the young German went to a leading importer of Australian wine to sample the local product. One taste was enough. “I said I could not go wrong.”

It's Canberra or bust

IN 2013 they walked 1600km in 33 days from Brisbane to Birdsville, braving sub-zero mornings in Gatton, Oakley and Dalby, and 40-plus degree days beyond Windorah – and raised $120,000.


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