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Small town champion

People come and go in small towns like Lismore in Victoria - and that was Ted Goodacre’s intention back in 1958. Almost six decades later Ted, now 80 and a stalwart of the Lismore community, has been named 2014 Victorian Senior of the Year.

Taste our Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels Central Coast, in NSW, is offering residents aged over 65 a free frozen meal in it's Taste our Meals on Wheels event on November 12.

Clever ideas to ease carers’ lives

AGED care provider Feros Care is leading the way in using innovative technologies to improve independence and quality of life for people with dementia in their own home, and providing support for carers.

Suicide: older people more at risk

OLDER people at risk of suicide are missing out on essential services, mainly because they are overlooked by existing intervention programs.

Testing times as system falters

AN OVERLOADED Centrelink system is causing serious delays in the new income and assets assessments for aged care, keeping older people who need care in limbo while they navigate the bureaucratic maze.

Workers power up

AN online video awareness campaign contrasting the diversity, experience and energy of older workers with the discrimination they experience when seeking jobs is part of an Australian Human Rights Commission push against age discrimination. The Power of Oldness campaign aims to bring the message about the value of older workers to people of all ages arou...

Rule ‘brenders’, not breakers

FOR a man whose career over almost seven decades involved mind-bogglingly huge sums of money, Sir Leo Hielscher subscribes to a surprisingly simple fiscal principle: “If you haven’t got it, you don’t spend it”.

Running man: no bull

A LITTLE over a year ago, NSW grazier Geoff Henderson was rushed to hospital to have a pacemaker implanted. Now Geoff is off to the US to run in the Twin Cities marathon in Minnesota. 

Cut crisis talk: ageing an asset

THE creation of a Seniors Enterprise Institute to fund and support senior entrepeneurs is among 17 recommendations in the long-awaited Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, launched in September.

Zoe finds a place to heal the scars

THE trauma of spending time in a home for children of sick mothers when she was young has haunted Zoe Stewart all her life. But things have turned around with the help of Tuart Place, a support service for Forgotten Australians.


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