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Wear a daffodil pin

Australians are being asked to wear a Cancer Council daffodil pin today to show support for someone they know who has been affected by cancer in some way.

Helping out feels so good

MEALS on Wheels is so much more than "just a meal". National Meals on Wheels Day (August 26) celebrates the ongoing efforts and dedication of more than 75,000 volunteers around Australia.

Registered nurses essential in changing aged care environment, inquiry told

AGED care providers and consumer groups are at loggerheads in the NSW Government's ongoing inquiry into the future of registered nurses in aged care.

House repair scam: Thieves target Brisbane's older residents

Fake tradespeople are talking their way into Brisbane homes to carry out "urgent" repairs or remove possums from roofs before stealing from elderly homeowners.

More than colours to brighten your day

SOMETHING is really catching on in the north-east town of Bright – but, really, it’s not that new.

Schemes get Fair Trading warning

PROMOTERS of property investment schemes have been warned by Fair Trading NSW to operate legally or face sanction.

Spotlight shines on the desire of all ages

SEX and ageing. For long the subject has been taboo: but the three-letter word will be at front and centre for two days of spirited discussion in Melbourne next month.

Maureen saw need and met it

A WOMAN who founded the first volunteer-supported respite care program of its kind has been recognised with the HESTA Unsung Hero Award.

Older singles in hospital more often, longer

Older Australians are more likely to be admitted to hospital and to stay longer once admitted.

Older people risking their lives by being energy thrifty

Some older people are so thrifty when it comes to using energy that they are endangering their lives, according to research.


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