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Telephone hotline helps those affected by forced adoption

THE federal government has provided $3.9 million funding for a telephone hotline and support services for people affected by forced adoption.

Ombudsman slams ‘litany of failings’

THE state government is seeking urgent advice after Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass recommended financial compensation be paid to surviving residents of Mentone Gardens by the end of June.

Affordable rentals a thing of the past

OLDER people are at risk of homelessness or early entry to aged care as rental housing affordability continues to plummet.

Alcohol and the baby boomer

BABY Boomers are the generation most likely to demand more action to reduce alcohol-related harm. But, they are also more likely to have driven a car after drinking and to have done so within the past 12 months.

More than 50 million vehicles recalled for potentially lethal airbag fault - is your car affected?

MORE than 50 million cars have now been officially recalled because of a potentially fatal flaw in airbags provided by Japanese supplier Takata.

Pensioners rally for a "fair go"

PENSIONERS have rallied on the steps of the State Library of Victoria today calling for state and federal Governments to "stop the war on the poor".

Australians part with $80 million to scams

AUSTRALIANS lost more than $80 million to scams last year with more than 91,000 scam complaints made to the ACCC.

Abbott government faces legal damages over Middle Head U-turn

THE developers of an aged care home at Middle Head that was scuttled seven months after receiving approval to build will sue the Abbott government.

Be fire safe this winter

DON'T tamper with smoke alarms - that's the message from firefighters after a spate of home fires where smoke alarms have been deactivated or tampered with.

A Special medallion struck to honour those who served

THE Australian Reserve Forces Day Council has had a series of commemorative medallions struck to honour those who served in World War I.


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