The Senior News

Courage to help others

They make unlikely stars, yet the courageous on-camera presence of six Toowoomba men has put depression among older men in the public spotlight. The six members of Toowoomba Older Men’s Network (TOMNET) feature in an award-winning documentary Older Men: Hidden Hardships.

Ever get the feeling you’re invisible?

Retailers and business will be the target of a community awareness campaign by Aged Discrimination Commissioner Susan Ryan.

Everyday life skills a walk in the park

As the years encroach, many everyday activities that have been taken for granted become that little bit more difficult. Maintaining balance and avoiding falls must focus the mind and concentration.

Community effort to cut waste

While these days we live in a disposable society, some are heading back to the waste not, want not days of World War II, when everything, even the jam jars, was reused.

Tribute to BHP toilers

BHP Newcastle Steelworks was the city’s lifeblood for more than 80 years. But it was also where it is estimated  more than 200 workers lost their lives

Collector cards are trumps

When Australian soldiers began returning from World War II not all had jobs to come home to. Many were forced to get creative to find a way to make a living.

For the love of Mario

With his killer finishing moves the Atomic Drop and the Abdominal Stretch, Mario Milano was a 1960s wrestling superstar. The Melburnian, now 78 and with Alzheimer’s disease, has been honoured in an artistic tribute by mate Roy Maloy.

Rural clients feel care package pinch

AGED care providers and recipients are facing an uphill battle to give older people in rural and regional areas greater levels of choice in care, despite the roll-out of consumer-directed care over the next year.

Bears' best friend

MARY Hutton made a life-changing decision the day she watched a TV news report on the plight of Asiatic black bears. Her action has resulted in 800 bears being saved over the past 20 years.

Time to close gap and come together

SENIOR Australian of the Year 2014, Fred Chaney, says the year ahead will be one of unprecedented opportunity.