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Mid-year sales -consumer rights still apply

South Australian consumers are being urged to demand their consumer rights as retailers gear up for mid-year clearance sales.

Phone help app relaunched

THE Australian Communications Consumer Action Network has relaunched the My Phone Rights app which helps consumers to resolve problems with their phone or internet accounts.

Could your smartphone save your life?

What if you need to phone 000 in an emergency but don't know exactly here you are.

Donate youir winter clothes to help the Red Cross

Red Cross shops around Australia are in need of donations of winter clothes.

Make sure your gas heater doesn't result in cold feet.

As winter bites, householders are being urged to service their gas heaters to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The heavy cost of obesity and how NSW health workers are responding

Extra wide beds, reinforced toilets and broader chairs are among the equipment purchased by local health districts as NSW hospitals continue to grapple with the rising challenge of managing obese patients.

Recall of faulty heaters from Woolworths, Safeway and Big W

Faulty heaters sold in Woolworths, Safeway and Big W stores across the country are being recalled, due to risk of electric shock and fire.

GST: Book prices could nearly triple if big retailers win online tax fight

Online shoppers could face a 250 per cent price hike when buying bargain goods from overseas if the big retailers win the fight to lower the GST threshold.

Questions over Samsung's handling of security flaw in millions of smartphones

Further evidence is emerging that Samsung did not respond adequately to information about a serious security flaw affecting around 600 million of its smartphones, including its latest flagship Galaxy S6, despite being notified of the issue several months ago.

NSW photographer goes global with his fungi photos

When a retired IT professional living in northern NSW is invited to a Moscow restaurant for a week to help celebrate mushroom dishes, it is a sure sign their hobby just got serious.


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