Big day out to launch big week ahead

IT’S On for Young and Old will be the theme when Council on the Ageing Tasmania hosts an appetite-whetting Seniors Week pre-launch with a free, fun-filled intergenerational festival on October 1, the International Day of Older Persons.

‘Return’ of the maestro

EAGER concert goers will swamp Sydney Town Hall on October 1, displaying an enthusiasm usually reserved for the likes of One Direction – the only difference being this audience will be 70 years plus.

Johnny's fans are his rock

WHEN rock ’n’ roll burst on to the Australian music scene back in the 1950s and ’60s, one man at the centre of it all played a vital role in moulding the music of a generation. Johnny Devlin, aka the Kiwi King (after Elvis Presley), was the first New Zealand rock ’n’ roll invader to Australia – coming over for a week’s musical engagement and staying a li...

Get in the groove, swingers

IF YOU know how to boogie woogie, tuck turn or do the lindy hop and you feel like swinging the evening away, then Melbourne Town Hall will be the place to be on October 7.

Internet a wealth of gardening information

SPRING is a time for wonderful garden adventures. And if you're a keen gardener, NAN BOSLER suggests making good use of the internet to gain new and helpful information.

Fascinating peek into ‘underworld’

THE “underworld” of fashion is being revealed at an exhibition at Bendigo Art Gallery.

Musos Doin’ it for the Troops

A NEW DVD featuring some of Australia’s big-name musicians will raise funds for troops suffering post-traumatic stress disorder

Reg Livermore’s Wicked new role

AS far as Reg Livermore was concerned, he was involuntarily retired and “feeling a touch redundant” when a phone call came out of the blue offering him the role of the Wizard in the 10th anniversary tour of the stage play Wicked.

In search of the Last Paradise

Clive Neeson was so determined to be a filmmaker he dug potatoes to pay for his filming.

Fans breathlessly await scores of jazz talents

The 2014 Melbourne International Jazz Festival is set to bring some of the world’s masters of jazz to this country, with a thrilling program of big-name artists, straight-ahead jazz, genre-blending crossovers, blistering instrumentalists and soulful singers alongside the best of local talent.